Our mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations and surpass the limitations, quality, and value of all other amphibious equipment on the market today.

Wetland Equipment manufactures amphibious equipment, including amphibious excavators, amphibious carriers (also known as marsh buggies), mini amphibious carriers, and seismic drill buggies. Depending on the specifics of the equipment, we specially select the amphibious undercarriage to provide the lowest possible ground pressure, the best turning /climbing ability, and the highest level of floatation.

Our pontoons are customized for each carrier or excavator so they provide the best stability and balance on land or in water. We engineer an additional 20% of floatation more than what is required into each pontoon to achieve the safest digging and transportation available. We manufacture the largest and most stable pontoons available using the strongest and most reliable components in the world.

Amphibious Excavators

Amphibious Excavators: We specially design all of our equipment to ensure that we have the strongest and most reliable machines on the market.

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Amphibious Carriers

Amphibious Carriers: We manufacture equipment carriers and personnel carriers in all sizes to fit the diverse needs of our clients.

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Mini Excavators

Mini Excavators We specially design amphibious undercarriages that can work in any terrain. Great for all contractors and easy to transport.

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