Mini Swamp Buggies for Sale

Mini Swamp Buggy

If you are looking for much more versatility in your excavation equipment then the swamp buggy is exactly what you need. The swamp buggy or excavator is one of the most versatile machines on swamp land. The machine is specifically designed to handle swampy, marshy and soft terrain along with floating on water surfaces as deep as three meters without sinking. The machine is amphibious because it is nimble on land and performs amazingly well on water surfaces as well.

Swamp buggies can be customized for a variety of projects whether large or small. The mini swamp buggy is extremely affordable and perfect for small projects that require small capacity excavators and equipment. The equipment can be used extensively in soil boring, transportation for personnel and equipment as well as surveying among other applications.

The specialized equipment is completely self-propelled while working on land and water. It can access almost any terrain with minimum supporting transportation or hoisting. Buggies are often used in swampy work sites, forests, waterways and other water-logged land surfaces. The mini swamp buggy is fitted with a wide variety of attachments such as diggers, buckets and lifting equipment depending on the work site requirements. You can use a single buggy with a wide variety of attachments making it an extremely useful piece of equipment to invest in. The swamp buggy can tackle a greater number of work site challenges that traditional excavators cannot without getting immobilized.

You can further customize the attachments on the buggy to handle unique challenges within your job site. With the combination of different strengths on land and water, you can complete a wide variety of projects.

The design of the amphibious buggy is a combination of pontoons with track chains and a roomy deck where various attachments can be mounted. The buggy can be used for dredging, erosion control, erosion prevention, mining, oil exploration and telephone cable lining among other applications that require you to work over soft and swampy terrains. The shoes and cleats on the track chain create a unifying pulling force to move the machine on land while the pontoons enable it to float on water with a propeller than floats it across water surfaces.

Normally you can adjust the distance between the pontoons by as much as one foot on each side to reduce the overall footprint of the unit. The entire system is made of structurally sound steel components to carry the weight and handle any kind of rough work environment.

For easy transportation, the marsh buggy can be disassembled in just a couple of hours and shipped in one or two containers depending on its size. The equipment can then be reassembled on site by a team of technicians. With the range of applications so far, the marsh buggy has proved itself worthy enough to be an indispensable piece of equipment for the everyday construction professional. You can choose to buy or rent the mini swamp buggy depending on how long you will need the equipment.