Swamp Buggy for Sale

What is a Swamp Buggy?

The swamp buggy is one of the best technological innovations in the construction and mining industries. Swamp buggies are special equipment that are fitted with pontoons which enable them to operate over water surfaces, wetlands and soft soil where most types of excavation equipment get immobilized easily. The range of applications of the amphibious equipment is quite impressive due to this feature. With room for different kinds of equipment attachment, swamp buggies can be used for:

Land clearing and remediation work

Buggies are often used for land clearing and remediation work in mining areas, forests, plantations and swamp lands. The capacity of the excavators and hauling equipment allows for the removal of entire tree stumps, large boulders, logs, garbage and other obstructing materials at the work site. The buggies are built wide for stability with large pontoons for extra flotation especially for wet areas that are more than two meters deep.

Deepening and Widening of Canals and Rivers

Man made canals and rivers may require a bit of widening to support and increase water capacity. Regular excavators cannot work on the waterlogged riverbanks without getting immobilized. These amphibious machines are the best suited to work on the soft riverbanks and drive right onto the water surface without any problem. They can handle the heavy load of dredging equipment that is used to remove silt and mud from the waterbed.

Land Reclamation

Swampy lands and wetlands can be reclaimed and used for building construction. First, the water should be pumped out of the swampy area, then excavators attached to swamp buggies used to remove obstructions such as mud, old tree stumps and other garbage in the area before rocks and soil are introduced to make the ground more stable.


Mining materials may occur under any kind of ground surface from marshy lands to solid soil. In order to tap into these precious reserves, miners have to find equipment that can work on these unstable surfaces. Amphibious excavators have been widely used in mining for many years now.

Clearing Riverways

During flooding and natural disasters, a lot of garbage, mud and silt may end up blocking waterways. This lack of drainage may cause swamping in the surrounding making the land inhabitable. To open up the waterways, amphibious excavators are used to clear the obstructive materials out of the way and allow the water in the surrounding land to drain properly. They are extremely useful when restoring land from the damage caused by flooding.

Wetland Construction

Wetland construction equipment allows for the building of bridges, docks and barges over waterlogged areas. The swamp buggy can ferry construction supplies to the construction area over the water and muddy surfaces without getting stuck under the heavy weight. They can also carry the heavy excavation equipment necessary to dig deep into the ground in order to set up the foundation and pillars for the construction. The type of amphibious equipment used often depends on the depth of the water surface and the weight of the equipment attached to it.