The objective at Wetland Equipment Company is to exceed the expectations of our customers and surpass the boundaries and value of other amphibious equipment on the market.

Wetland Equipment manufactures quality amphibious equipment, including excavators and carriers (marsh buggies). Depending on the specifics of the excavator or the weight needing to be transported by carrier, we select the particular amphibious undercarriage to offer the lowest possible ground pressure, the best turning and climbing ability, and the foremost level of floatation. Our pontoons are customized for each carrier or excavator in order to provide the best balance and amphibious stability. We engineer an extra 20% of floatation into each pontoon to accomplish 360° digging and the safest transportation while floating. We assemble the largest and most stable pontoons available using the strongest and most reliable components worldwide.

Amphibious Carriers & Marsh Buggies for Sale

Wetland Equipment can manufacture any size amphibious carrier (aka: marsh buggy). We manufacture amphibious carriers powered by John Deere, Caterpillar, Deutz, Isuzu, Kubota, Cummins, and Detroit. Depending on your needs, we specially design the appropriate amphibious undercarriage that can traverse any terrain. We fabricate the largest and most stable pontoons available and provide the highest level of floatation for all undercarriages. All of our amphibious equipment is specially designed to be the strongest and most reliable machines available on the market. Attachments are available for ditchers, drill buggies, winches, and more.

Amphibious Excavators for Sale

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We are able to mount any size excavator to our amphibious undercarriage, and have worked successfully with various brands including: JOHN DEERE, CAT, VOLVO, BOBCAT, KOBELCO, HITACHI, LINK BELT, KOMASTU, CASE, HYUNDAI, AND DAEWOO. Wetland Equipment designs the appropriate undercarriage that can traverse the world's most difficult terrains, including marshes and swamps. Patented features and custom options are available on each of our amphibious excavators. Some of our most popular custom options for amphibious excavators include our Cat-Walks and Auxiliary Fuel Tanks, which are available on all models.

Swamp Buggy for Sale

Wetland Equipment has the finest Swamp Buggies for sale on the market. Each of our amphibious vessels (which is just another term for Swamp Buggy) is able to provide the customized or personalized capabilities that your project needs. We can manufacture to any specifications and are familiar with a wide assortment of well-respected brands. When searching for swamp buggies for sale, look no further than the experts at Wetland Equipment.

More About Mini Swamp Buggies

Reliability, Safety, Performance and Maintenance

When it comes to choosing Swamp Buggies, Marsh Buggies or Amphibious Equipment, there is a big difference in reliability, safety, maintenance and performance.

Wetland Equipment strives to produce amphibious equipment that will exceed your requirements and surpass your expectations. Our amphibious equipment features unique performance, safety and longevity features that can’t be found in any of our competitors' equipment.

The terms Amphibious Equipment, Marsh Buggies and Swamp Buggies are used interchangeably worldwide. They are all amphibious to a degree, some more so than others, and have varying degrees of efficiency and safety, depending on the model. Our amphibious equipment possesses unprecedented distinction in every aspect.


Wetland creates amphibious excavators, mini amphibious equipment, amphibious Seismograph carriers, amphibious Equipment Carriers and Personnel Carriers in all sizes to fit each of our customers' needs. We manufacture the largest pontoons available on the market and offer the most flotation ability in the industry. We provide extra flotation into all of our equipment to provide the most stability in the water and to provide the highest level of safety for our customers' employees.

Amphibious Excavators

Amphibious Excavators: We specially design all of our equipment to ensure that we have the strongest and most reliable machines on the market.

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Amphibious Carriers

Amphibious Carriers: We manufacture equipment carriers and personnel carriers in all sizes to fit the diverse needs of our clients.

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Mini Excavators

Mini Excavators We specially design amphibious undercarriages that can work in any terrain. Great for all contractors and easy to transport.

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